Thursday, March 27, 2014

Narrow Rolled Hem Tutorial

 Above are two projects using this technique: my sparkly Anna Sui blouse, and Frankenpatterned Sunset Dress. Both made out of chiffon.

Hello readers! This brief explanation on how to make a subtle, itsy-bitsy rolled hem was actually part of my post on Sparkly Springtime Separates, but I use this technique so much I thought I would put it in a separate post for ease of reference. Enjoy!

Subtle, Drapey Rolled Hem Tutorial
This hemming technique is a pain in the butt (like most nice hems) but it's great if you want a really small, subtle hem that won't interfere with the draping of your fabric. Ideally, try to find a thread that precisely matches your textile or would provide a nice decorative border to your hem.

Here's the basic process. In this example, I used black thread so you can see what I was doing, but really you should be using thread as close to the color of the fabric as possible.

Stitch 1/2 away from the raw edge of the fabric.
Trim as close to the stitching as possible WITHOUT snipping the thread

Using the thread for leverage, roll the fabric over the thread (you can think of it as making a very very very small narrow hem that encloses the thread.

Stitch in place

Works like a charm! Go ahead and leave any questions you have in the comments!


  1. Are you using a rolled hem foot as well?

    1. No, I'm just using a normal presser foot! I actually haven't ever seen a rolled hem foot before, so I looked it up on YouTube and it's really cool! But this technique works well if you don't happen to have that specific foot or you want a really tiny hem. :)