Saturday, August 23, 2014

Skirts in Seconds: Square Skirt Pattern Generator!

I've got a special present for everyone today!!!

Lately I've been working on a new project: teaching myself some computer coding! Now when I write my blog I can do fun things like use fancy font or give you a magic cursor right here. Whoo!!!!

Naturally, as soon as I unlocked my hitherto unbeknownst computer-harnessing superpowers, my first thought was to figure out how to use them to make more clothes faster. (I should say, to help YOU make more clothes faster, because writing this program definitely took longer than making a skirt ;) )

If you've been following my blog, you'll remember that near the beginning of the summer I made a dress featuring a square skirt of a specific waist measurement and length. A little while later I wrote a tutorial explaining how to put together a square skirt to your precise specifications using geometry and a calculator.

Today, the computer is going to do it all for you ;)

Go on, check it out! It's pretty cool (if I do say so myself).

Square Skirt Pattern Generator

Waist Measurement:
Waist Ease:
Desired Maximum Skirt Length:
OR Desired Minimum Skirt Length:

How to Use
A square skirt is (predictably) a type of skirt that is cut in the shape of a square. The result is an ethereal uneven hemline with long, bias-cut streamers.

This program will take in your measurements and return to you the proper dimensions for a square skirt pattern and even draft it, life-sized, for you!

What exactly does this program do? It takes in your waist measurement and desired skirt length--you can choose to input a precise value for either the longest or the shortest part of the skirt. It gives back the other length (either long or short), plus all the measurements you would need to draft your own square skirt pattern, including the radius of the center circle and the length of one side of the square, to the nearest 1/8 of an inch. Then (get this!) it actually creates the pattern (without seam allowances) for you in another window!

Sample pattern result (downsized, of course)
What the measurements mean (all numbers are in INCHES): 

Waist Measurement: The circumference of your body where you would like the top of the skirt to sit.
Waist Ease: The extra slack you would like around the waist/hips. 2-3 inches is typical. Add more if you want to gather the waistline. Add negative ease if you're using a stretchy fabric. Use no ease if you're trying to match another waistline/garment (for instance, if you're trying to sew the skirt to the bottom hem of a shirt).
Max/Min Skirt Length: A square skirt has an uneven hemline. Maximum skirt length refers to the longest sections of the skirt; minimum skirt length refers to the shortest sections. Because the two lengths are interrelated by geometry (see here for more detail), you can only choose one and the other will follow naturally. Fill in one and leave the other blank.
Radius: the radius of the circle in the center of your square-skirt pattern.
Side Length: the length of the sides of your square skirt pattern.

Go on and try it out! If you have a question feel free to leave it in the comments or send me an email!


  1. I found your link on eHow. Thanks for this!

    1. Thanks for your comment! I hope you find this useful!

  2. I followed you here from another blog about hankerchief skirts. This is very cool. Thanks so much for creating this code! :-) I've saved this page & also written in down.

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