Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I bribe people with granola bars

I go to high school with my brother.

  • Carpooling...the part where I have to drag my brother out of the house early to get to my AP tests and the resentment is palpable.
  • Observations on how I look exactly like my male relative
  • Being subjected to a tickle attack in public in front of people who actually know me.
  • Getting to see my amazing little bro around school on a daily basis
  • Coming across my brother's bookbag unattended in the hall and hiding it behind a pole and watching him freak out :D
  • Getting to know lots of freshmen, which makes me look really popular when I'm walking down freshman hall 

My brother's friends are really nice and usually we greet each other and share a few words when we pass at school. There was one notable exception: Jimmy, who pretended I didn't exist when we passed in the hall.

And then, everything changed. Jimmy tasted one of my granola bars.

He LOVED them. I learned all about it from my brother. Pretty soon my brother was asking me if I could make extra granola bars so he could bring some to school to give to Jimmy.

My response? "I don't know, Jimmy never says hi to me at school."

Now Jimmy says hi to me every day ;)

Hear that? Granola bars so good you can use them as LEVERAGE!

Thursday, May 8, 2014


I've been neglecting my blog lately. It's really inexcusable. I've been so busy studying calculus that I've forgotten that practical applications are the lifeblood of any academic subject.

Finally, calculus I can use!!!