Sunday, July 13, 2014

Knocking-Off Marfy, Part 1 (featuring MY FIRST SELF-DRAFTED PATTERN EVER!!!)

If you are not yet acquainted with Marfy, here's the link. Don't worry, my blog will still be here in two hours after you're done browsing ogling.


Some of my favorite Marfy designs. Their dresses (daywear, evening, and even bridal) and jackets are amazing.

Now I have to stop extolling Marfy because otherwise I'm going to run out of room for the actual part where I sew things.

...Ok maybe just one more mouth-watering picture.

I love this design. It's very simple--unlike what attracts me to most other Marfy patterns--but it's arresting and flattering at the same time. I love how it creates curves. And I like how the side panels start under the bust, which creates the impression of a prominent chest (something I need help with for this particular style of dress) and sort of blocks off the shoulders and the chest. Plus I knew immediately what I would make it in :D

But it's so...simple. Here's the thing. Marfy patterns are expensive. A knee-length dress like this one will cost you about $20, plus shipping from Italy. And you have to wait. About 3 weeks. I can justify the purchase if I'm looking at some distinctive, intricate design that I wouldn't even know which two ends to put together and it's for a special occasion. But I'd feel guilty splurging for essentially a (flattering, refined) princess-seam dress. So I told myself I would modify a basic pattern and try and  mimic the same effect.

Then I took this beginners pattern-drafting course at Mood (SUPER FUN, by the way) and my head got all big, and next thing you know, 

I'm armed with a dress block, a French curve, and Google trying to figure out how to make a princess-seamed dress. (Except not really, because this design has princess seams AND darts--double whammy.)

So here we go! I'm going to show you how I went about (clumsily and with a minimal amount of pattern-drafting experience) recreating Marfy 3149! 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Rhubarb Pie: Taking Pictures for Take Two

Guess what? Last time I promised pictures, and this time I took pictures!

That's right...this nonintuitive dessert was good enough that I made it again. :D Here's an illustration of how to put it together. You can find the recipe and instructions here. (I seriously recommend.)